I Attended Church for the First Time

I wonder if people will read my words and think that a natural disaster took place, only to discover that such a devastation was caused by intentional malice and hate

What If My Skin Wasn’t Brown

There I sat contemplating the celebration, our current political affairs, my fears, and those who have more to fear than I do.

Let’s Talk

Let’s talk about respect, objectification, and consensual sex.

What I Learned at Bonnaroo

I wondered what it would be like to go to a music festival, to feel uncommitted and liberated from reality.

Mourning 11/08/16

People lived today unmoved as if last night was a dream that faded in their sleep.

Write Now

To this day, there is an experience I wrote of almost two years ago that I don’t fully understand. Maybe I haven’t grown in a way that has allowed me to understand yet. Maybe I’ll get there one day.